The Role of Civil Society in Advancing Humanitarianism through Sanctions Reform: Discussion Paper for the AHSR Wilton Park Conference

This discussion paper by Delaney Simon explores recent reforms undertaken by states and how policymakers may use a ‘checklist’ and ‘code of conduct’ to reduce the collateral damage of sanctions regimes and evaluate the competing claims from passionate advocates for reform who are pleading with the outside world to ‘do something’ about a ruthless regime versus the campaigners fighting for organizational survival who are just trying to meet the basic needs of suffering people. It does not seek to provide an authoritative definition of any of the actors described below, nor does it intend to prescribe a way forward. Rather, this paper is intended to provide some food for thought about civil society as it relates to global sanctions policy and launch a conversation about the topic among Wilton Park participants.

The views expressed in this paper reflect the author’s views alone, and do not reflect the views of any organisation with which she is affiliated, the Fourth Freedom Forum, the AHSR, or the other Wilton Park Conference sponsors.

The Role of Civil Society